Salt Cellar Blue Drop Earrings


A pair of glorious transparent eye-catching cobalt blue glass earrings topped with sterling silver

Here at Avalon Jewellery, we love to include vibrant colour in our jewellery, especially when we  work with glass.  Therefore we have used a deep rich colour of cobalt blue glass for our Salt Cellar Blue earrings.

We have taken inspiration for these glorious earrings from the deep blue glass liners used to protect silver salt cellars from the salt itself.  We flame-work all our glass jewellery in our own studio using Effetre glass from Murano.  All our glass beads go through a strengthening process in our bead kiln known as annealing.

Being transparent, these Salt Cellar Blue earrings reflect the light beautifully and are only enhanced by their sterling silver tops.  A simple but classic design that our customers love.

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