Recently, we joined a local creative collective and were asked the questions “Why Do We Create and What Inspires Us?”.   Various definitions of creativity and inspiration exist but these questions made us think and what follows is about why we create, and what inspires us here at Avalon Jewellery.

The need to create is both simple and complex. Simple, because we want to design something unique that people love and value enough to part with their hard-earned. Complex, because we want to form an idea and then apply our skills to our chosen materials to shape them into our designs.  We want our work to be noticed and to have people say ‘How on earth did they do that?’, hopefully followed by ‘I must have one of those!”

It is a beautiful thing to be able to focus on designing and then hand-making something of the world for the world, that will pass around the world, perhaps for years to come.

As for our inspiration, we usually find ourselves turning to the cornucopia of colour and shapes provided by the natural world, which you can see reflected in our bee range and silver and art glass range of pendants and earrings.

We enjoy the physical process of hand-making.  We love to challenge ourselves and have found that sometimes the worst problems that arise during making can produce the best results.  It is very rewarding to think of a design and be able to bring it to life particularly when working with more than one material.

Whatever we make must not only look good but feel lovely to wear and we like to include a unique quality to our designs wherever possible.   Most of all, we absolutely love what we do and are absolutely thrilled to be doing it, so we hope you like it too.

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