• Paragon SC2 bead kiln installed at Avalon Jewellery

    Paragon SC2 Bead Kiln

    Installing a new Paragon SC2 Bead Kiln We have just added a Paragon SC2 Bead kiln into the shed. This should be a real help as we have been using our fusing kiln to anneal beads up to now and its in another room. We have had to insulate the beads with japanese cooling beads …

  • Eclectic Mix

      Eclectic Mix of Cambridge are a group of Artists and makers  working from home (in garden studios/kitchen tables) making lovely art, jewellery, pots, interiors etc. We have recently joined eclectic mix and will over the next few weeks be adding our products to their already exciting range. Their objective is to put the fun back …

  • Lavenham christmas craft fair

    A lovely evening spent at the Lavenham christmas fair

  • Scrap silver ready for melting

    Reclaiming silver

    With the cost of silver increasing at quite a speed it seemed like a good time to reclaim all of the scrap silver in the workshop.  In went all of our mistakes, the rings with the wrong size stone settings, the designs that didn’t work and naturally all the off cuts and left over pieces.  …

  • Avalon jewellery Lampwork studio

    Lampwork at Avalon jewellery

    For many years now we have produced our own range of glass beads, which are all hand-made in our lampwork studio.  In the main we use Effetre glass rods all with the same coe (co-efficient of expansion) of 104.  It sounds obvious but as you can imagine, mixing glass with different coe’s is a terrible …

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