At Avalon, of course, our first priority is to make beautiful, high-quality jewellery. But when we can do this and also focus on something we think is truly important, that’s even better.

You might have heard that bee populations are in decline worldwide. We’re great fans of the humble honeybee and lovely bumblebee. This is reflected in our bee range, which includes a necklace, bangle, ring and a pair of earrings.

Bees are incredible insects, and often don’t get the love they deserve. Without them, we’d lose about a third of the food we currently eat, and it would cost more than £1.8 billion to make up for it. And those are just the consequences we know about. Ecologists will tell you bees are important in all sorts of other ways, and we can’t be sure what might happen without them. They’re crucial to our planet and our everyday lives – bees are our friends and our allies.

We also think they’re beautiful. Bees don’t look like anything else. They’re one of nature’s finest and most original designs, and we love to use the best of nature as our inspiration for Avalon pieces. A bee’s unique yellow and black colour scheme, its impossible wings, and its distinctive textured body make it a standout. We even put our bees on specially cast honeycomb designs so we can imagine they’re happy in their habitat!

So what can you do to make real-life bees happy, too? According to the ‘Friends of the Earth’ charity, there are three easy ways to help. The first is to make sure real bees, just like Avalon bees, are happy in their habitats. You can go the whole way and become a bee-keeper yourself (it’s easier than you might think!), or just make sure your home and garden are bee-friendly by planting the right plants or building a bee-house in your garden. One great bonus is that with regular bee visits, your garden will flourish, too.

The second way to help bees survive and thrive is to think before you use insecticides or buy food grown using pesticides. These are things we should be wary of anyway, but they can be particularly harmful to bees.

Finally, many scientists think climate change is a factor in the decline of bee populations. Avalon believes in local manufacture and heirloom products instead of global shipping and disposable goods. Everything in our bee range, like all our ranges, is designed and made in the UK and is built to last.

Bees are some of the best animals there are. They’re good looking, but not fussy about it. They help us stay happy and healthy. They work together. They’re unique, distinctive and enjoyable to be around. If they were people, we’d all want to be their friends – so let’s be their friends now.

At Avalon, our bee jewellery is one of our favourite ranges, and we had real fun designing and making the pieces – and we love to wear them and think more like a bee.

If you want to find out more, take a look at to find out what’s affecting this incredible insect and what you can do to help.

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