Avalon Jewellery was founded by Ronan and Honor Kavanagh. Honor worked in admin before reinventing herself as a glass artist and Ronan is a former professional photographer with years of experience in business. They wanted to create something wonderful together and jewellery allowed them to pour their creative skills into the same range of products


Everyone who works at Avalon is a unique, interesting person who has always dreamed of doing creative, interesting work, but has often had to carry that dream alongside other responsibilities. This has been wonderful in terms of bringing other skills and perspectives to our jewellery, and in helping us all appreciate what we’re able to do here and now.

Honor started working with glass more than five years ago, and this path has led directly to the creation of our bead earrings range this year; our bee jewellery is the culmination of a lifelong passion for ecology; our infinity bangles showcase and symbolise this determination for our jewellery to last.

All Avalon products are designed to grow and live with their owners, to be practical and durable items you can enjoy wearing throughout your own journey.


Avalon Jewellery started off in Cambridge and is now designed and hand-made at our new workshops following our move to Suffolk. We’re constantly inspired by working in such a beautiful place, and proud to be a part of the great history – and future – of British design and craftsmanship. In fact, the only part of our jewellery-making process that has to be done elsewhere, using specialist skills and equipment, is the silver casting, and this only goes as far as the majestic landscapes of Scotland. Local manufacture is important to us, and we like to think there’s a little bit of Cambridge and Suffolk’s history, Scotland’s majesty, and British cool in every piece of Avalon jewellery.


We’ve had the opportunity to work with some wonderful partners in creating our jewellery and getting it out into the world. Special thanks go to the London Assay Office, who helped us move from enthusiastic amateurs to overjoyed professionals, and to Eclectic Mix Cambridge, who provided early assistance with distribution and helped us build our network. We’ve grown through shops, galleries, parties and craft fairs, and been given the chance to meet incredible customers, stockists and suppliers. We love showing our jewellery to people and we hope you will too.

Made with Love

The very first pieces of Avalon jewellery went to our daughter, family and close friends, and are still worn with pride and love today. Even though the company has grown, we’ve never lost the ethos of making beautiful things for the people most important to us; we treat every item with as much as care as those first pieces – although our skills have improved since then!


We’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished, and the story continues, with new ranges and partnerships developing all the time. Looking back at what we’ve done is a lot of fun and fills us with gratitude, but what we really enjoy is looking to the future, and what comes next in Avalon’s evolution.

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